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Manifesting Authenticity Growth and Individual Changes


Join my brand new programme M.A.G.I.C for a 5-week course designed to help you change your mind set and empower you to create the life you really want.
Magic stands for: Manifesting Authenticity Growth and Individual Changes

Each week I teach you how to release blocks, realign yourself, change your mindset and remove self-limiting beliefs. Content includes how to live and understand yourself as a spiritual being, the importance of authenticity, growth and cycles, law of attraction, moving past self-limiting beliefs,
becoming a master manifester and much more. Typically, we live our lives constantly limiting ourselves “I can’t get that promotion, I’m not loveable, I am unable to have what others have.” This false sense of entrapment is just that,
false! It’s an illusion. We even convince ourselves to “settle” with what we have thinking it makes us somewhat ungrateful if we want more. But the
universe is a powerful force and it is not limited, the only thing that limits you, is you. What an empowering notion!
Join me in 2019 with M.A.G.I.C and over the 5 week programme I will teach and mentor you so you feel fully supported to live the magical life you deserve.

Are you ready to change your life? Do you feel a block of abundance? Are you struggling to manifest the life you desire? Stuck of feeling sad, unhappy or limited? Make 2019 your year! I will show you that you already have everything
you need to live an abundant and magical life.
I can show you that the magic really does lie within!

The programme includes:

  • X5 2hr FB live Teaching sessions:

       Session 1: Living within authenticity
       Session 2: Aligning your self with purpose
       Session 3: Self-limiting beliefs and blocks
       Session 4: Become a master manifester.
       Session 5: Creating the life you wish.

  • X2 months membership to Angel Club (worth £40)
    So you can continue your journey and spiritual group with like-minded people in a non-judgemental environment with regular fb live teaching and meditations.

  • X2 distance angelic reiki sessions (worth £40)
    Receive high vibrational distance healing from the angels and ascended masters sent direct

       from the angelic kingdom of light.

  • Separate small fb group with exercises throughout the 5 weeks.

  • Initial worksheet/suitability checker

  • 1:1 Emailed/ audio support throughout

  • COST: £222 (Payment plans available)Starting Sunday 6th January and running for 5 weeks.


When and where do the sessions take place? Sessions will take place alternating between Thursday’s and Sunday’s at 8pm UK/3pm EST/2pm Central. All sessions are available on replay. Whilst it is always better to be able to interactive live, some clients may find it easier to watch on replay and add any questions in the comments.
New programme begins Spring 2019.

Is this for me? M.A.G.I.C is suitable for anyone at any stage of their development. It is aimed at those looking to make serious changes within themselves. For those feeling they are not in alignment with their life purpose, blocked, stuck, stagnant, unable to manifest and needing support and guidance. M.A.G.I.C will help reawaken
yourself as a powerful spiritual being capable of creating the life you have always
Why am I offering this? From countless client readings and my work as a spiritual development mentor and angelic life coach I know that many people are unhappy and not aligned. The false aspect of social media that forces us to “compare” our happiness to another doesn’t help with this. I also know from the work with my angels and spirit guides that everything you need comes from within. When we look
to outside sources we become powerless. I want to empower you to move beyond your self-created unconscious limitations and quite simply become “magical”!

Two and a half years ago I had poor finances, was unhappy, overweight, emotional with poor self-worth and loneliness. My spiritual path has changed my life! I now have a successful spiritual business with over 11k followers, waiting lists for
international client readings, flow of abundance and have lost 5 and a half stone in weight. I have so much more happiness within myself. M.A.G.I.C is very special to me because its imparting all that I have learned over the last 2 and a half years but
making it accessible over a shorter time frame. Although I didn’t have a mentor, I want to ensure that you do. I am able to impart the wisdom, teaching, guidance on these topics from my angelic team and new spiritual awareness to help you change your life. Now that is magical!
Why do you include emailed audio support? As you journey through the 5-week programme certain aspects of yourself will become triggered. You will start to look at yourself in a whole new way. With this process can come many questions as well as
important realisations. When you sign up to M.A.G.I.C I want to ensure you feel fully supported throughout not just during the teaching. This is why you will be in the M.A.G.I.C private FB group with other members and why I offer outside support and guidance.

What is Angel Club? Angel Club is my spiritual development membership group. Each month we cover a new module and there is FB live teaching, group video sessions and practice opportunities. Angel Club also includes meditations, exercises
and visualisations. When you sign up to M.A.G.I.C two month’s membership are included within that price so you get double the amount of teaching!

Why are there limited spaces available? I take the work I do very seriously, each client is extremely important to me. I want to ensure I am able to give the right amount of time and energy to each client both inside and outside of the teaching group.

Why does it cost £222? 222 Is a repetitive angelic number sequence. It has a very
specific and powerful vibration. Quite simply it means that you are at the right place
at the right time! It also means focusing on creating and manifesting big dreams. The perfect price for M.A.G.I.C.

£222 (Payment plans available)
Second cohort starts in the Spring and runs for 5 weeks. Message to sign up.

This was the old me and on the right is me today 7 stone in weight gone, new confidence, thriving spiritual business, and happiness from within. Join me this Spring on M.A.G.I.C and let me show you how.

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