Angel Therapy and meditation audios

Meditations: are scientifically proven to improve your physical and emotional well being. From a spiritual perspective they can aid greater connection to your intuition and to the spiritual and angelic realm. I have designed, written and recorded my own unique meditations for you to purchase. Each one is designed to help you achieve mind, body, spirit balance and to aid relaxation. Take advantage of my current special offer and purchase all 3 for just £15!

Angel Therapy audio sessions: Angel therapy is a non denominational form of angelic energy healing work. Combining the assistance of the ascended masters, archangels and angelic realm to spiritually heal, balance, cleanse and clear your mind, body and spirit. Angel therapy involves powerful visualisations and invocations designed to restore balance and elevate your vibration. Purchase the violet flame transmutation audio session to work with the powerful Ascended Masters and Archangels to clear and transmute negative energy on all levels. It includes the invocation and information about its use. Click on any of the audios for more information.