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Camilla offers a variety of reading options:

I offer a variety of reading options to provide spiritual guidance on areas including romance/relationships, career/life purpose, home/family and fulfillment.  Readings vary from multi-deck angel card readings, mediumship, past life, psychic photo and are completed via live messenger chat or email.  I offer angelic life coaching for those looking at more intensive work. It can include removal of self-limiting beliefs, negative patterns of behaviour and works on improving confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. All readings have a healing and empowering effect on the client aiming to increase self-awareness in order for them to bring about positive life changes. 5 star rating based on over 350 Facebook reviews and over 100 recommendations.

My popular 'VIP GOLD' is my only 1:1 live video reading which is a 75 minutes tailored live video reading. As an award nominated life coach, I take on one off and regular clients for angelic life coaching which looks at self-limiting beliefs, blockages, mindset and is ideal for people with past hurts, traumas, childhood issues and those feeling blocked and stagnant. I undertake past life readings to help clients understand patterns of behaviour, karmic imbalances and attachment issues and help people to create and manifest happiness within their life. I like to spend time with the client discussing their needs to ensure they choose the correct reading option whether that is a multi-deck angel card reading for angelic guidance, connecting to passed loved ones or more intensive regular sessions.

"Amazing" Camilla is so easy to talk and listen to. Her readings are amazingly spot on and she's a lovely person to make your reading experience 100x better. 5+ stars." Erika

"I loved every single second of the reading Camilla sent me. So much so that I had my sister request a reading right after I received mine. There was so much that she would have had no-way of knowing. After listening to what Camilla had to say I felt uplifted, motivated and a real sense of love from my guides. I have  had many readings done in my 28 years and this was the best." Audra

"I have never been more at peace after my reading with Camilla. Such a gift and heartwarming experience she will forever be a very important piece of my intuition and growth." Cassie 

Would you like to become an Angel Club member? Angel Club is a brand new and exciting monthly membership which offers exclusive mentoring and taught content in a supportive small group. This has been due to the huge success of my recent psychic development courses and includes a different module theme each month with FB live teaching content, topical discussions, guided meditations, mentoring and opportunities to practice spiritual tools. Angel Club is perfect for  those who are awakening and looking to absorb knowledge and gain vital spiritual mentorship with the support of others on a similar journey.

  • Access to the 'MEMBERS' section of the page with resources

  • FB live taught monthly modules on a variety of spiritual development topics (Spirit guides/angels, mediumship, how to read angel cards, past lives, crystal work and more)

  • Opportunity to practice and develop in a small closed group

  • Topical discussions, group activities and exercises

  • Guided meditations

  • Exclusive Angel Club member discount

  • Regular feedback on progress and teaching input

  • Learn with others on a similar spiritual journey

  • Help with identifying and releasing blocks to spiritual development

  • Fun, high vibrations and a positive learning environment

Priced at £20.00/$26.00 a month just £5 a week. DOORS OPEN! Click below to sign up. Opt out at any time.

"I have been a member of Angel Club since day 1 and have no intention of leaving. Camilla has taught me so much, not only about spiritual development but about myself. She encourages and believes so much in empowering others. Her teaching is clear, informative and helps you "think outside the box. I've achieved things in a short space of time that I thought were impossible. It's me second home." Kathy

"I joined Angel Club at the right time...Angel Club was such a healing supportive environment and the inspiration drew from the group really helped me to step into my new life...Highly recommend." Samantha 


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