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         About Camilla

Camilla is a multi- award winning angelic life coach, psychic medium and angelic reiki healing practitioner. Voted 2019's Best-Loved Angel Expert and Best Spiritual Workshop in the Soul and Spirit Magazine awards. Camilla came  'Highly Commended' in the category of 'Most Inspiring Life Coach' in both the 2019 and 2018 Soul and Spirit Awards. Camilla is a contributor for the magazine with commissioned published articles talking about a range of spiritual topics. 

Camilla has also appeared in 'Chat It's Fate' magazine talking about her work. Camilla works on a 1:1 basis with clients from all over the world as well as running workshops, mentoring clients and connecting with the angels and spirit to pass on messages of love and hope.

Meet Camilla
Best-loved Angel Expert 2019

"Since seeing an angel age 6 in physical form, I have unwavering faith in the existence of angels and their ability to bring reassurance, guidance and hope."


"Since seeing an angel age 6 in physical form, I have unwavering faith in the existence of angels and their ability to bring reassurance, guidance and hope."

"Hello and welcome to my page. I am delighted you've stopped by. Since having a life changing angelic encounter as a child, and receiving accurate information via claircognizance (clear knowing), I have an unwavering belief in the existence of angels. I know that they love you unconditionally and seek to bring love, hope, guidance and messages. It is my mission to help others to reclaim their power through connecting with the angels and to spread the universal truth that you exist as a divine light being. I want to help you connect with your spiritual team for guidance, clarity and to become the best possible version of yourself.

I work as an angelic life coach, angel intuitive, psychic medium and card reader offering a variety of reading options as well as spiritual development mentoring and workshops. I am also attuned as an angelic reiki healing practitioner which enables the angels to send healing using me as a channel directly from the angelic kingdom of light. I connect with peoples guides, angels and use a mixture of mediumship, psychic intuition and angel cards to help people release blocks, have greater spiritual understanding and align themselves on their life path and with their purpose. BRAND NEW for 2020 is my Spiritual Business Mentor Programme for those looking to set up and grow their own spiritual business.  Click to view my reading options and send me a message to book a session. I cant wait to work with you.

            EXCITING NEWS! I WON!!

I am absolutely beyond thrilled and humbled to announce that I have WON two awards in the 2019 Soul and Spirit Awards! I Have won:



I have also come highly commended for the second year running in the category of:



I am speechless! Thank you so much for voting for me! Soul and Spirit Magazine say:

"The Soul and Spirit Awards are highly regarded within the spiritual industry, and to be nominated is a genuine recognition of the hard work and dedication that's required to be successful in this thriving marketplace."

You have made this possible for me as you voted for me in your droves. I am so grateful. This has been one of my most challenging years so to have such recognition within my home made business which I am so passionate about is such an honour.

As always I am so incredibly grateful for your continued support and love. It means so much. 

BRAND NEW! GUIDED MEDITATIONS- I have created a range of meditations created and recorded by me. All designed to create mind, body, spirit balance. Click below to view.

Angel Blessings,

Camilla xx


Contributor for Soul and Spirit Magazine

Camilla is a contributor for Soul and Spirit Magazine with a range of featured published articles.  June 2019's Soul-esteem issue was a 4 page article all about tag-teaming your angels. August 2019 's edition saw Camilla's 3 page article about spirit proofing your space. March's 2020 edition saw a 2 page article on spring cleaning your soul with the help of Archangel Raphael. April 2020 was focused on how to navigate social media with the support of the Archangels. In April's 2021 issue I debunked all those angel myths and in May 2021 I shared my personal celestial story.

Providing guidance with clarity and accuracy:

-Spirit connections

-Angel Card   Readings


-Psychic photo

-Past Life Reading

-Angelic life coaching

-Releasing self-limiting beliefs and blockages

-Intensive 1:1 and small group programs

-Angel Therapy (Vaccuming and cord cutting)



-Angelic reiki healing practitioner (distance, video or face to face)

-1:1 tailored live video readings, messenger, audio and emailed

-Spiritual development/business mentorship

-Spiritual workshops

-Angelic life coaching

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